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Boss RV-200 Reverb Pedal

Rp 5.311.999

Boss CB-VE22 Carry Bag for VE-22

Rp 888.000

Boss Katana 100 Combo Amp Cover

Rp 387.999

Boss Katana-50 Combo Amp Cover

Rp 351.999

Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

Rp 18.832.000

Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer Effects Pedal

Rp 8.400.000

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal

Rp 8.384.000

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal

Rp 2.336.000

Boss ME-90 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal

Rp 7.184.000

Boss Katana 150-watt 2×12″ Cabinet

Rp 6.720.000

Boss GT-1000CORE Multi-effects Processor

Rp 13.600.000

Boss Gigcaster 5 Streaming Mixer

Rp 8.672.000

Boss FS-6 Dual Foot Switch

Rp 880.000

Boss FS-5L Latching Footswitch

Rp 488.000

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal

Rp 19.320.000

Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal

Rp 2.840.000

Boss FV-500H High Impedance Volume Pedal

Rp 1.808.000

Boss DM-101 Delay Machine Pedal

Rp 9.504.000

Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor Pedal

Rp 3.992.000

Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

Rp 3.368.000

Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal

Rp 1.880.000

Boss TU-30 Metronome and Tuner

Rp 480.000

Boss Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor

Rp 4.560.000

Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

Rp 7.319.999

Boss FV50H High-Impedance Volume Pedal

Rp 976.000

Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System

Rp 13.200.000