Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Pedal

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A Vintage Digital Delay Legend, Reborn

Released in 1983 at the dawn of the digital effects era, the Roland SDE-3000 is a hallowed icon among fans of classic gear. With its highly musical character, long delay times, and ability to store and recall presets, this rackmount legend went on to become the prime delay machine for the world’s finest touring guitarists, session musicians, and engineers of the time, and its special sound is still revered forty years later.

The SDE-3000D brings you not one but two authentic reproductions of the much-loved SDE-3000 in a floor-based pedal. Fully independent delays, flexible internal routing, and expanded I/O offer modern versatility for all types of mono and stereo rigs. Modulation and tone-shaping capabilities have also been enhanced, and there are 100 memories for storing favorite setups. And with a wealth of onboard and external control options—including deep MIDI support—you can integrate this inspiring vintage voice with any stage or studio setup.



  • Faithful floor-based reproduction of the legendary Roland SDE-3000 rackmount digital delay from the 1980s
  • Classic warm digital delay sound with extended features for modern rigs
  • Distinctive retro display and panel controls based on the original SDE-3000
  • Includes two full-featured delays, each with independent parameters, mono/stereo modulation, and panning
  • Widely adjustable delay time with two range settings: 0–1500 ms and 0–3000 ms
  • Characterful modulation inspired by the original circuit design
  • Phase switches for the primary delay and delay feedback loop
  • Adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters for shaping delay feedback sounds
  • Two inputs and two outputs for dual mono, wet/dry, or stereo setups
  • Selectable series or parallel operation for the two delays
  • Save and recall sounds with 100 memories
  • Assignable onboard footswitch control for tap tempo, hold, and more
  • Jacks for extended operation with up to four footswitches, two expression pedals, or the GA-FC/GA-FC EX foot controller
  • MIDI I/O on space-saving mini TRS jacks


Sampling Frequency

48 kHz


AD Conversion

24 bits AF method
AF method (Adaptive Focus method) This is a proprietary method from Roland & BOSS that vastly improves the signal-to-noise (SN) ratio of the AD and DA converters.


DA Conversion

32 bits



32-bit floating point








Nominal Input Level

INPUT (L/MONO, R): -10 dBu


Maximum Input Level

INPUT (L/MONO, R): 12 dBu


Input Impedance

INPUT (L/MONO, R): 1 M ohm


Nominal Output Level

OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): -10 dBu


Output Impedance

OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 1 k ohm


Recommended Load Impedance

OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 10 k ohms or greater



TIME button, FEEDBACK button, OUT button, RATE button, DEPTH button, 1–4 buttons, BANK A button, BANK B button, LEFT button, RIGHT button, FILTER button, TIME×2 button, DELAY PHASE button, MOD button, FEEDBACK PHASE button, DIGITAL DELAY1 button, DIGITAL DELAY2 button, SETUP button, DDL1 switch, DDL2 switch, TAP/CTL1 switch



7 segments, 12 digits LED



INPUT (L/MONO, R) jack, OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
CTL2,3/EXP1 jack, CTL4,5/EXP2/GA-FC jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
MIDI (IN, OUT) jacks: Stereo miniature phone type
USB port: USB Type-C(R)
DC IN jack


Power Supply

AC adaptor


Current Draw

450 mA



AC adaptor (PSB-1U AC Cord Set)
Rubber foot x 4


Options (sold separately)

Footswitch: FS-5U, FS-5L
Dual footswitch: FS-6, FS-7
Expression Pedal: Roland EV-5, EV-30, FV-500L, FV-500H
Foot Controller :GA-FC, GA-FC EX
MIDI/TRS connecting cable: BMIDI-5-35, BMIDI-1-35, BMIDI-2-35, BCC-1-3535, BCC-2-3535

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