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Matthew Effect Cartographer

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Matthew Effect Cartographer

Combining science, aesthetics, and technique to map out a vast array of tones and styles The Cartographer gives you the tools to write your own story. With a wide range of tones available through the gain control go from a completely transparent clean boost, perfect for your electric or bass, to a snarling overdrive that can be dynamically changed and shaped through the eq control. From Jazz to Blues to Rock this pedal will be the most dynamic tool on your pedalboard.



  • Output: Controls the overall volume
  • Gain: The amount of drive in your signal
  • Freq: use this to select the Frequency that you “Cut/Boost”
  • Cut/Boost: Turn towards “Cut” to decrease, towards “Boost” will increase by 15db



    • 9v
    • Top Hole Jacks
    • Soft Touch True Bypass
    • 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″ (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)

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