LD Systems MAILA Compact Line Array Systems – M

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Rp 19.968.000Rp 94.784.000

Spesifikasi Komponen untuk LD Systems MAILA – M(edium)

  • 8 x MAILA SAT
  • 2 x MAILA COL
  • 2 x MAILA SUB

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Rp 19.968.000Rp 94.784.000

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LD Systems MAILA Compact Line Array Systems

MAILA M is a full-blown, full-range stereo system that sets new standards with its flexibility In the M configuration, MAILA delivers a total output of 10 kW and combines several acoustic concepts into a sound reinforcement solution that is unique to date: bandpass subwoofer with cardioid function, column element with integrated DSP amplifier and coaxial satellite with line array functionality.

The basis of MAILA M is the 2.5 kW 2×15” high-performance subwoofer in bandpass design with its newly developed SysCore® DSP that delivers a massive and powerful bass foundation. On top of the subwoofer sits the MAILA COL full-range column module, sporting 4x 6.5” woofers for an extended low-mid range as well as a 4-channel DSP amplifier (2.5 kW) with SysCore® DSP powering the MAILA SAT satellites via the cable-free SmartLink+® rails.



  • Stereo system as a combination of ground stack PA, column system and line array components
  • Total power: 10 kW
  • 2×15″ high-performance subwoofer in bandpass design
  • MAILA COL low-mid column module with integrated 2.5 kW amplifier
  • Tweeter and midrange driver of the satellites in WaveAhead® arrangement + passive membrane for extended low-midrange reproduction
  • Elegant and robust aluminium housing for MAILA SAT and MAILA COL
  • Innovative EasySplay® mechanism for angle adjustment (0 – 8°) of each satellite with only one hand
  • SmartLink+® enables cable-free connection of column module and satellite
  • Configurable via dedicated MAILA Quick Setup App (iPadOS)
  • LogoLink®: Wireless antennas integrated in the LD logo for wireless app connection



General Specifications

Product type

PA system




  • 8 x MAILA SAT
  • 2 x MAILA COL
  • 2 x MAILA SUB

Total Height

2920mm (Vertikal subwoofer)

Dispersion (H x V)

100° x Curvature dependent

Accessories (included)

2 x MAILA FC2, 2 x MAILA SUB CB, 2 x MAILA SUB PC, 4 x power cable

System Power (RMS)

10000 W

Frequency response (-6dB)

34 Hz – 20 kHz