Boss AC-22LX 2×5-watt Battery Powered Portable Acoustic Amp – Rosewood

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A Full-Immersion Acoustic Experience

The AC-22LX presents a new concept in acoustic amplification, bringing you a full-immersion playing experience realized through advanced BOSS spatial technology. Air Feel breathes life into the dry, sterile sound of standard acoustic instrument pickups, recreating the richly detailed tones captured by classic stereo acoustic microphone setups in world-class studio settings. The AC-22LX’s inspiring voice projects far beyond its compact size, infusing your amplified sound with depth, dimension, and natural acoustic resonance.


Compact amplifier for acoustic-electric guitars and other pickup-equipped acoustic instruments
Innovative Air Feel feature recreates stereo microphone setups, producing inspiring acoustic sound with depth, dimension, and natural resonance
Small, easy-to-carry design with two custom-designed 5-inch twin-cone speakers
10-watt stereo power amp (5 watts x 2)
Guitar/Instrument channel with three-band EQ and dedicated Reverb and Reverb & Chorus effects
Mic channel with XLR input, phantom power, two-band EQ, and dedicated Reverb effect
Five Air Feel settings: Dry, XY, AB, ORTF, and Mid-Side
15 memories for storing and recalling sound setups
Onboard Rhythm Box with 15 patterns
Customize pattern types with 119 selections in the AC-22LX Editor
Built-in looper (requires optional footswitch)
Stereo line output with Air Feel
Stereo aux input for music playback
USB audio interface with Loopback for recording and livestreaming
Runs on included AC adaptor or eight AA batteries
AC-22LX Editor app (macOS/Windows/iOS/Android) for deep sound editing
Optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor (BT-DUAL) for wireless audio playback from a mobile device, customizing sounds with the mobile editor, and more