Gallien Krueger 410 MBX II

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Bass Cabinet

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Gallien Krueger 410 MBX II

With 400W handling, 4 – 10″ Paragon ceramic-magnet loudspeakers, and a piezo tweeter with defeat switch, the 410MBX bass speaker cab covers all your tonal bases. It’s road-ready with recessed spring-loaded handles, rugged steel grille, and custom interlocking corners. Its ported design and substantial bracing ensure optimum clarity and response. Speakon and 1/4″ inputs provided.

Bright, punchy, undeniably GK tone.


  • 400W handling
  • 4 – 10″ Paragon ceramic-magnet loudspeakers
  • Piezo tweeter with defeat switch
  • Recessed spring-loaded handles
  • Rugged steel grille
  • Custom interlocking corners
  • Ported design and substantial bracing optimize tone

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