Ufip TS-18CH, Tiger Series 18Inch China

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Ufip TS-18CH, Tiger Series 18Inch China

The Tiger Series are pressed cymbals, which are given the same level of attention, care and hand hammering that we use in the production of our Professional Rotocast series resulting in a high quality mid range product. The Tiger Series are produced using a special surface treatment, giving them their unique look and a sound that is explosive, powerful and rapid in response, proving them to be ideal for Rock, Metal and Punk genres.

Main Features

  • Alloy:Sheet Bronze Cusn 8.
  • Production:Special hardening Procedure, completely hand hammered, finished by hand.
  • Level:Semi Professional, Intermediate.
  • Application:Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock.
  • Sound:Explosive, Powerful, Quick Response with lasting Sustain.