Ufip NS-18, Natural 18Inch Crash

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Ufip NS-18, Natural 18Inch Crash

The Natural Series have been sensitively updated and fine tuned with the purpose of getting back to the main features that have defined this range since its conception.
The New Natural are darker, richer and warmer, they are faster in response and considerably more versatile.
The weight of the crashes have been reduced, as have the weight of the Splashes, Rides and Chinas. The heavy weight in the Rides and Hi-Hats disappear, and we retain the Medium and Light weight models.

Main Features

  • Alloy:Cast Bronze B20.
  • Production:Cast using the “Rotocasting”® Procedure, thermal procedure for reduction of surface tensions, completely hand
    made, deep hammered with double punch.
  • Level:Professional.
  • Application:Jazz, R&B, Fusion, Blues, Country, Acoustic.
  • Sound:Controlled, dark, rich and warm with frequencies concentrated on the low range of the sound spectrum.