Ufip EX-18M, Extatic 18Inch Crash Medium

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Ufip EX-18M, Extatic 18Inch Crash Medium

The Extatic Series represents a perfect hybrid of Jazz and Rock cymbals. The unusual final turning, unique hammering process, choice of weights and the blending of the dark rich tones of the Natural Series coupled with the dynamics of the Class Series make the Extatic range the new benchmark for Pop, Fusion and Melodic Rock.

Main Features

  • Alloy:Cast Bronze B20.
  • Production:Cast using the “Rotocasting”® Procedure, hand hammered using cross hammering, finished using a combination of Natural and Class processes.
  • Level:Professional.
  • Application:Pop, Fusion, Melodic Rock, Funk.
  • Sound:Controlled and rich with medium sustain, attack and volume with frequencies concentrated on the mid range of the sound spectrum.