Ufip BS19R, Bionic Series Ride 19

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Ufip BS19R, Bionic Series Ride 19

The New BIONIC has evolved into an even more exciting and musical range with a new twist on the original Bionic concept, making this series even more contemporary and totally up to date. A truly stunning playing experience for the rock and metal drummer that requires a real musical cymbal.
These cymbals are faster and more dynamic, but still retain the power and cut of the original Bionic classics. The Bionic sets a new standard, simply awesome! Hammered especially deep and wide, then polished to a lustrous golden finish, giving the cymbal added warmth, richness and tonality, the new Bionic Series offers great control and versatility in any musical environment.

The new Bionic Series, a Modern Classic!

Main Features

  • Alloy:Cast Bronze B20.
  • Production:Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely handmade, deep hammered with double punch, hand polished.
  • Level:Professional.
  • Application:Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, Fusion.
  • Sound:Powerful, bright and warm with many overtones, wide dynamic and sustain.