Sensory Percussion Software

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Harga aslinya adalah: Rp 8.174.000.Harga saat ini adalah: Rp 6.539.200.

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Sensory Percussion Software

unhouse’s Proprietary Timbre-Map Technology

  • Patented algorithms instantly recognize how you’re hitting the drum through acoustic sound.
  • It can track from rim-shots to cross-sticks to center strikes and more – up to 10 independent zones per drum – unlocking the expressive force of acoustic playing for digital control.
  • Each zone can power samples, effects and midi output, opening up new dimensions in electronic performance.
  • Smoothly blend between zones to create natural transitions between sounds.
  • Use the natural acoustics of drums to manipulate a vast array of parameters from effects to MIDI output.

Sophisticated Sampling

  • Stack multiple samplers on a single pad
  • Use preset samples or bring your own (wav, aiff, flac, ogg)
  • Layer unlimited samples within a sampler with advanced playback modes (cycle, random, stack, or with a controller)
  • Advanced sample sequencing that follows your playing
  • Advanced sample editor with trim, pan, pitch shifting and envelope controls
  • Built-in low/high-pass resonant filter
  • Sampler Velocity Input/Output curve editor
  • Global choke groups that work across pads and drum channels
  • Built-in pitch shifting with sophisticated quantizing


The magic sauce of Sensory Percussion, controllers let you control any parameter within the software – from effect knobs to sample lists and kit switches – all with your playing.

  • Timbre – control a parameter based on how and where you hit the drum
  • Velocity – control a parameter by how hard you hit
  • Speed – control a parameter by how fast you play
  • LFOs – automatically control any parameter with multiple LFO types
  • MIDI/Keyboard – use external sources like MIDI devices or your computer keyboard as controllers

Built-in Controllable Effects

These custom effects can be applied to each pad, channel, or send.

  • Multi-band EQ
  • Tube Amp simulation
  • Clipper
  • Delay
  • Filter
  • Modulation effects
  • Reverb
  • Compression

Full MIDI routing

  • Sensory Percussion includes built-in advanced MIDI routing
  • Send MIDI over a bus to any other third-party software (DAW, Sampler, etc) or even hardware synths
  • Send as many MIDI notes per pad as you want
  • Convert controllers to assignable CC knobs
  • Sensory Percussion is also controllable with MIDI-in
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