Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Twin Channel 30w 1 x 10 Acoustic Combo – Orange

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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Twin Channel 30w 1 x 10 Acoustic Combo – Orange

For your acoustic guitar

With over 50 years of experience in great guitar tone and quality, the Crush Acoustic 30 is Orange’s second entry into the world of Acoustic Amplification. At ease in any situation: the lightweight, portable, battery powered acoustic combo continues the Orange traditions of simple but versatile design.

The Crush Acoustic 30 is designed to clearly project sound with its angled construction and 30 Watts of power. The two channels, built-in reverb and chorus (across both channels) and the global notch filter can be used to efficiently and precisely combat feedback, leaving you to concentrate on your performance.

Whether you busk, play stages, practice at home or all of the above, the Crush Acoustic 30 has you covered, leaving you free to work your magic.





A Guitar and Microphone Channel – with feedback notch control and XLR with phantom power switch. Reverb and Chorus Digital FX with Blend and Level

FX Loop

Unbalanced line out

Balanced Line Out Post EQ with Ground Lift

Aux In

Battery or DC Power Adaptor operation


Ch 1: pad switch, colour switch, gain, midrange, bass
Ch 2: phantom power switch, mic/line switch, gain, bass, treble
Master: Level, mid-range contour, FX Select: blend, level


Custom 8″ Voice of the World with Whizzer Cone

Output Power:  

30 Watts

Unboxed Dimensions (H x W x D):  

28cm x 32cm x 23cm (11″ x 12.75″ x 9″)

Unboxed Weight:  

6.12kg (13.5lbs)