Mesa Boogie Combo Rosette 300 / Two-Eight Acoustic

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Mesa Acoustic Combo with a Beautiful Custom Look

The Mesa brand is synonymous with high-quality products that put a world of flexibility at your fingertips. With the release of their Rosette 300-watt combo amplifier, acoustic players now have access to that same top-shelf construction, versatile functionality, and great tone. The amp’s two fully independent channels allow for use with a guitar pickup, a microphone, or both. You’ll dial in your ambience via three onboard reverb types as well as a footswitchable parallel effects loop. With so much power and so many tonal options inside the Rosette, it’s hard to believe it still comes in at a very manageable 30 lbs. — perfect for players on the go.

Perfect for singer/songwriters, acoustic duos, and more

Both channels of the Mesa Engineering Rosette are fully independent from each other and boast a bevy of features that allow you to perfectly tune the amp to your needs. Channel 1 distinguishes itself with switchable XLR and 1/4″ inputs for use with your instrument or microphone, while Channel 2 boasts a single 1/4″ input for a guitar. Tailoring your tone couldn’t be easier thanks to 4-band EQs with Hi-Pass filters. And each channel also features its own phase switch and LED indicator, ensuring you always enjoy the most harmonically rich tone possible. With this much control, the Rosette is sure to be one of the hottest acoustic amps at Sweetwater.

Global controls bring out the best in your performance

Reigning in the Rosette’s two channels is an extremely well-thought-out master section. In this section, you’ll find three selectable reverbs — chorus and reverb, room, and hall — that add the perfect amount of ambience to both channels. A parallel effects loop in the back of the amp — independently variable on each channel — allows you to utilize your favorite outboard gear to further nail your personal tone. You’ll also find the amp’s auxiliary input, headphone output, and 1/4″ extension speaker output handy for practice and performance.

Prepared for any performance

Unique features of the Mesa Rosette 300-watt acoustic combo are its three separate and selectable XLR DI outputs. The first sends Channel 1’s output to the board, while the second sends Channel 2’s. Both of these DI outs are ready for anything with switches for pre/post, line/mic levels, and even their own ground lifts. The third DI out sends the signals from both channels — post effects and EQ only — while maintaining your control over mic/line outputs and ground lifts.

Mesa Engineering stands for quality

Mesa/Boogie has been handbuilding some of the most sought-after guitar gear in Petaluma, California, since the late ’60s. Early fans of Mesa gear include Carlos Santana and Keith Richards, guitarists whose tones have been chased by countless musicians ever since. When you plug into the Rosette, you’re tapping into decades of innovation. Especially if you’re a regularly gigging musician, you’ll appreciate the top-notch sound and construction you get in the 300-watt Rosette.

Mesa Engineering Rosette 300-watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Features:

  • Portable and powerful acoustic guitar amplifier with Mesa quality and versatility
  • 300 watts through 2 x 8″ speakers is enough for any gig or session
  • 2 fully independent channels are perfect for singer/songwriters and duos
  • Channel 1 features switchable XLR and 1/4″ inputs
  • 4-band EQ and Hi-Pass filter on each channel
  • 3 onboard reverb effects with 3 control parameters
  • Footswitchable parallel effects loop can be blended to each channel independently
  • Class D power brings the combo’s weight down to a comfortable 30 lbs.
  • 3 DI output options for optimizing the amp to your performance