Manley VOXBOX Combo

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Manley VOXBOX Combo

Manley transformers with nickel laminations in mu-metal cases 2 Kohm mic input z with high current 48v phantom power built-in Hi-Z (100K) direct instrument input Line & insert inputs (balanced XLR & ¼”) Preamp & eq outputs lo-Z (50w) Transformer balanced XLR outputs Transformerless unbalanced ¼” outputs Stereo link for compressor & de-esser/limiter Side chain monitor for de-esser Large illuminated sifam meter with five readout modes

Impeccable Manley sound in a very limited edition. Order yours today.


Mic Pre
Frequency response: ±1dB 20Hz-60KHz
Noise Floor (A-weight): -86dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 113dB
Tube complement: 12AX7LPS and 6414
Gain: 40 to 60dB

Frequency response: 10Hz – 100KHz
Noise Floor (A-weight); -89dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 116dB
Tube complement: 5751 and 6414
Gain: unity

Ratio: 3:1
Maximum Reduction: 16dB
Attack Times: 4mS to 70mS
Release Times: .3, .5, 1, 2, 5 Sec

De-esser & Limiter
Ratio: 10:1
Maximum Reduction: 32dB
Attack Times: 2mS
Release Times: .5 Sec
De-Ess Notch Frequencies: 3, 6, 9, 12KHz, none (LIMIT)

General Info:
THD N (1KHz @ 20dBu): 0.3%
Maximum output: 31dBu
Power Consumption: 24W
Mains Voltage Frequency: 50 œ 60Hz
Dimensions: 19″ x 5.25″ x 10″ (occupies 3U)
Shipping weight: 21lb.