Kurzweil KAC40 – Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp w/ built-in rechargeable battery

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Kurzweil KAC40 – Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp w/ built-in rechargeable battery

The KAC40 is a portable, rechargeable, 40W combo amplifier specifically tailored to acoustic guitar featuring built-in effects and mic capabilities.

2-Speaker – 40W

KAC40 guitar

The KAC40 is designed with acoustic guitar response in mind featuring dual 6.5″ drivers powered by a 40W RMS (20W 20W) amplifier.

2-Channel Mixer Plus Aux Input

KAC40 mixer

The guitar channel features dedicated volume, tone and chorus/delay/reverb effect controls.

The mic channel offers volume and its own separate reverb adjustment.

Plug your favorite music player into the back-panel Aux input to add background accompaniment when needed.

Built-In FX


On your guitar enjoy individual reverb, delay and chorus controls. Separately adjust the reverb on your vocals for just the right blend.

Lightweight and Compact for Easy Transport

KAC40 compact

Weighing in at under 20 lb, sporting a 3-hour rechargeable battery plus top-side handle, the KAC40 is a compact, gig-friendly companion.

KAC40 Features & Specs

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Drivers: 2 x 6.5″
Power: 40W RMS, 20W 20W
Inputs: (1) 1/4″ Guitar
(1) 1/4″ Mic
(1) 1/8″ Aux
Sensitivity: Guitar Input: -11.5dBV
Mic Input: -41dBV
Effects: Chorus, Reverb, Delay
EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble
Weight: 18.4 lb (8.35 Kg)
Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.4 in (40 x 21 x 26.5 cm)
AC Power: 15VDC, 4A external adapter
Battery Power: 12V/7.0 Ah, Rechargeable, 3 hours max capacity