Boss VE-22 Vocal Effects Processor Performer

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Strengthen Your Vocals

Master your vocals with the VE-22, a portable multi-effects device designed specifically for singers. Featuring a wide array of high-quality BOSS processors, from general studio enhancements to dramatic voice-changing effects. Expand reach with real-time harmony. And be creative with an easy-to-use interface and reliable features for practicing, recording, and streaming online. With the VE-22, you’re ready to deliver an impressive and touching vocal performance wherever you sing.

Impressive BOSS Vocal Effects

The VE-22 is packed with the latest improvements in BOSS’s acclaimed Vocal Performer technology. Enhance your sound with a core processor and make it more alive with immersive delay and reverb. Then explore the many electronic colors and aggressive textures with auto pitch, distortion, lo-fi, modulation, and other cool sound changing effects. There are 50 presets with ready-to-use sounds, plus 99 memories to store custom combinations for different songs and styles.

Impressive Harmony

The VE-22’s powerful harmonic and doubling functions make it easy to create impressive ensemble effects from a single voice. Just choose a type, determine the scale, and start singing. It’s easy to change the harmony voicing, adjust the level, and more with the panel knob. You can also enter the harmony into the existing switch and use it whenever you need it while performing.

Get Creative Fast

The VE-22’s uncomplicated interface accelerates creativity with your live vocal sound. The Harmony, Effect, and Echo sections offer multi-function knobs, allowing you to adjust top-level parameters, turn off a section with a single click, or dive deeper into settings with a double click. And with a color screen and a ring that lights up in the knob area, you can always clearly see what is active. Three functional switches are designed to be controlled with your feet or hands, and you can connect an expression pedal or external footswitch for more control.

Appear with Confidence

The VE-22 provides everything you need to send high-quality sound to a PA system, stage amplifier, or recording device. There is an integrated XLR input and preamp for professional stage microphones, plus phantom power for high-end condenser type. A high/low gain switch, a sensitivity knob on the rear panel, and a level meter allow you to optimize the input signal for almost any type of mic. Compressor, EQ, de-esser, and other essential studio processors are also available, ready to support any appearance with smooth and clear sound.

Express Yourself

With USB-C, an analog aux input, and a headphone jack, the VE-22 supports vocal activities ranging from daily practice and recording to livestreaming on social media. Connect to a computer or mobile device and send the finished vocal directly to the production software and streaming app. Or play music through the VE-22 and sing along with a great voice as you warm up to perform, learn new songs, and perform.



  • Advanced multi-effects processor with many reliable sound processor features for vocalists
  • Enhance your voice with important effects such as compressor, EQ, delay, echo, reverb, and others
  • Create sound effects with lo-fi, distortion, radio, ring mod, and other special effects
  • Automatic pitch correction to adjust the tone subtly or an aggressive electronic tone
  • Harmonies and double functions to provide an impressive ensemble vocal sound
  • Get great sound quickly using an intuitive interface
  • Very clear color LCD and multi-function knob for quick parameter access
  • 50 ready-to-use pro presets and 99 memories to save your own setup
  • XLR mic input with phantom power and mic sensitivity control
  • Two XLR outputs with stereo, dual mono, or wet/dry operation
  • USB-C® for recording and playing audio via computer or mobile device*
  • Aux input to sing along to favorite songs and background music
  • Internal looper to practice, perform, and develop ideas
  • Three wide switches that can be customized and designed to be used with feet or hands
  • Jack for expression pedals or up to two external footswitches
  • Powered by four AA batteries or optional AC adapter
  • Optional CB-VE22 bag to carry the VE-22, a mic, cables, and accessories

*Does not guarantee compatibility with third-party hardware and software.