AER DOM Domino 2A

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AER DOM Domino 2A

An entire mini P.A. system hidden inside a guitar amp, the Domino consists of four channels (2 x guitar, 2 x voice) and 2 x 60W power amps. A built in reverb / delay unit offers a choice of 4 preset sounds; alternatively, the effects loop enables the amp to be connected up to an external effects unit.

Other features include stereo outputs with a stereo widening option to connect up to a larger P.A. system, and 24 Volt Phantom power to allow the use of condenser microphones on the voice channels.

Includes a soft cover.

Channel 1: 1/4″ jack socket, high /

low line level

Channel 2: combined XLR / 1/4″ jack

socket, mic / line level with 24V switchable phantom power

Channel 3: as channel 2

Channel 4: as channel 1

Aux input: eg for external CD player

DI-, line-, headphones-, tuner-out, effects loop, L / R stereo output with stereo widening

Channel 1: mute, high / low input

level switch, gain, ‘colour’, 3 band eq

Channel 2: mute, mic / line input

selector, gain, ‘colour’, 3 band eq

Channel 3 & 4: separate mute and input level switches, separate gain controls, combined 3-band EQ,

‘colour’, effect send*

Overall: effects pan*, effect selector switch*, effects return*, master volume, 24V phantom power on / off, aux return

2 x 60W rms output, 20Hz – 20kHz freq range, 2 x 8″ twin cone speaker system

14kg / 31lbs

420 x 365 x 300mm

16 1/2″ x 14 1/4″ x 11 3/4″

Built-in AER digital reverb / delay unit, effects loop to attach an external effects unit (both can be run simultaneously)