Tech 21 TM 60 / 410BG, Trademark 60 Guitar Combo Amp,60 watt

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Tech21 Trademark 60 4×10

Two Channels, 60 watts.
Channel 1 offers a range of Fender® styles, from chiming clean to sizzling, saturated ‘tweed’ tone. The cunning Punch control sets the amount of midrange break-up and overdrive, and a Bite™ button tightens the low end and adds brightness. Things get way raunchier over in Channel 2, with amp sounds ranging from crunchy Marshall®, to gnarly Vox® AC30, to slamming Mesa® Rectifier styles. A Weep™ button increases the amount of even harmonics and thickens the sound. Its powerful and sophisticated midrange control, appropriately named Growl™, can produce brutal ‘scooped’ tones without any loss of girth or volume. The powers of the Trademark 60 are many. Experience how this soulful combo can work its magic like a tonal Tiki god.

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