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Los Angeles – Very well balanced stick. Heavier toward the tip for fast attack and response on drums.

Hitmaker – 5A sized in the grip with a gentle taper and an acorn-style bead that puts out great tone from around the drumkit. A very well balanced, responsive and solid feeling stick.

DSK – A lengthy, but comfortable, stick that features a very fast taper for some added weight up top. This allows for a powerful “throw” and solid impact that is perfect for an aggressive drumming style.

Traditional – Dubbed traditional because Vaters 7A is longer and has a different tip shape than standard 7As in the industry. This classic style 7A has a great feel for lighter playing. The small acorn tip delivers full cymbal and drum sounds without being overbearing.

Swing – Designed in collaboration with renowned educator Steve Fidyk, the Swing model has a double taper, meaning that it is slightly thicker towards the middle of the stick than in the grip and then finishes with a very quick and thin taper. Possesses great sensitivity and exceptionally fast rebound.

Jazz – Named after the legendary street in Manhattan and replicated after one of the early hand-turned Jacks Drum Shop Models, this design is straight out of the great Jazz and Big Band era. The long and flat oval tip produces warm and broad ride cymbal tones with full-bodied drum sounds. The quick taper gives it a great feel and response.

Pro Rock – Slightly under a 5A in the grip with an oval tip.

Junior – Perfect for little hands. A great way to introduce your little one to the joys of drumming. Wood tip only.

Hammer – 5A sized grip with double butt end. Great for loud and aggressive musical situations.

Power 5b – Similar grip as 5B but with 1/2″ extra length. The “big brother” to Power 5A.

Matrix – Originally a Vater Player’s Design Model, the Matrix remains exactly the same in all dimensions as the previous artist model, just with a new name. The Matrix measures out as a 5A in the grip with a gradual taper to a small barrel tip for extreme cymbal clarity. A very quick feeling stick that is great stick for Jazz, Funk and R&B drumming.

Session – Comfortable to the traditional 5A player. Small acorn tip for great cymbal and drum sounds.

Super Jazz – Jazz-style grip with a little extra length. “Quick” feeling stick.

Studio – Barrel-shaped tip gives a full sound without overwhelming volume. Just under a 7A in grip size.

Manhattan – Longer than an average 7A with a small round tip for defined cymbal work.

Powerhouse – Designed in collaboration with Virgil Donati. Large acorn tip and heavy shoulder provides big sound volume.

New Orleans – A defined taper and acorn tip for classic feel.

Power 5A – Comfortable to the 5A player but with 1/2″ extra length for extra reach and weight.

Rock – Full sized barrel tip and long shaft for weight and extra reach.

Fusion – Between a 5A & 5B in grip with a small round tip for cymbal clarity.

Fatback – Sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip for volume.

1A 2B 5B – Oval tip for greater surface contact. Heavier shoulder and added length for attack & punch.