Tune Bot Drum Tuner

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Tune Bot

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Tune Bot Drum Tuner


Every guitar player has an electronic tuner for speed and accuracy in tuning. Tuning a drum is much more time consuming and difficult than a guitar. Yet, until now there was no such thing as a real “drum tuner”. After years of research and development, Overtone Labs has finally created a fast, accurate, and effective drum tuner. This new invention is about to change the way you tune your drums, and more importantly, change the way your drums sound. Tune Bot drum tuner


  • Lug pitch matching
  • Measuring and adjusting overall tone
  • Interval tuning of Toms
  • Returning to your drums’ optimal sound every time


  • Lug pitch measurement
  • Overall pitch measurement
  • Frequency and note modes
  • Overtone filters
  • Difference mode
  • 80 Save Slots
  • Easy to read display with backlight
  • Drum hoop clip
  • Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations

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