TRICK Pro 1-V Big Foot Double Pedal

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TRICK Pro 1-V Big Foot Double Pedal

The Pro 1-V BIGFOOT was the second pedal produced by Trick Drums. It’s almost identical to the Pro 1-V short board with the exception of the 13″ foot board. The long foot board with no heel block is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing trends in kick pedals.

The long board changes the pivot point of the kick pedal and gives the player more foot room. Some say that this type of design caters to certain playing styles, such as heel-toe. Trick feels that this pedal can play any style that you can!

  • All machined parts – NO DIE CAST – providing superior quality and toughness
  • Precision aerospace-grade bearings
  • Hand assembled and inspected

The Pro 1-V Bigfoot also has a host of features designed with the drummer in mind—most of which are protected by US patents.

  • Split-Cam design to allow adjustment of beater and pedal angles independently
  • Slide-Trac hoop clamp adjustment, providing variable distance for the pedal from the kick drum
  • Highly accessible and extremely easy-to-use tension adjustment knob
  • Multiple height adjustment cluster to adjust the stroke speed of the pedal
  • Internal compression spring technology