Tech 21 GT-2, Preamp Pedal, 3 sound character for Electric Guitar

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Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

With the 100% analog SansAmp GT2, you can “architecturally” create your own rig in an instant. Simple to operate, SansAmp GT2 gives you immediate access to your choice of amplifier, how you would modify it, and the cabinet/mic placement that is best for your purposes. We’ve taken the best parts of the most desirable tube amplifier set-ups and broken them down into individual components. You can mix and match specific sound characteristics in intriguing ways that would otherwise by physically improbable, probably impractical, and definitely not cost effective. On-board, post-EQ is included to give you optimum control. A custom footswitchactuator provides smooth, silent engagement of the circuitry. The buffered bypass ensures no high frequency signal loss through long cable lengths. As your needs change and as your imagination flourishes, SansAmp GT2 gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore, create, build and rebuild your sound. With each Tech 21 product, the controls are designed to give you the flexibility to obtain your desired sound. It is our hope that the SansAmp GT2 will be a useful tool for stimulating your creativity and, ultimately, providing the inspiration to play your best.



Each of the three positions affects multiple dimensions of the personality traits inherent to each amplifier type. This switch is not simply an EQ change, nor does it just affect the gain structure. Each amplifier type has its own tonality and its own input sensitivity. Each reacts differently to the dynamics of the player and to the signal level of the instrument.

  • TWEED = Fender®-style
  • BRITISH = Marshall®-style
  • CALIFORNIA = Mesa/Boogie®-style


Influences the gain structure of the AMP selected.

  • CLEAN: Stock tube amp set-up.
  • HI GAIN: Extra gain stage, as if you were to install an additional 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp section.
  • HOT-WIRED: Produces a tube-driven-past-the-brink texture.


Determines the orientation and distance of mic placement in relation to the cabinet. Regardless of the position of this switch, it is as if the cabinet is being miked in a “dead room” or isolation booth, without ambiance.

  • CLASSIC: Achieves a flat response associated with distant mic placement. Similar to a combo amp loaded with original “blue frame” Jensen®- type speakers. This position increases mid-range content and there’s greater definition of notes to cut through a cluttered mix. It is recommended for classic early tube amp sounds, and live applications, in particular.
  • CENTER: Has peaks and valleys associated with close miking. Similar to a 4×12 cabinet with Celestion®-type speakers having a mic at the center of a cone. There is greater high mid-range content and increased low end. It is recommended for achieving big, mega crunch, balls-to-the-wall results.
  • OFF-AXIS: Has peaks and valleys associated with closing miking, except the mic is positioned at the edge of a speaker cone. Similar to Center, but it produces a smoother, softer sound with less upper mid-range content. When used in conjunction with the Hot-Wired MOD position, it will roundoff the tone.


    Adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive. Similar to when the output section of a
    tube amp is being pushed.
    These are active tone controls. Cut or boost from the arrow indicators. This on-board, post-EQ section gives you full control at your fingertips. Boosting Low and High compensates for the limited range of speaker cabinets and combos.
    TIP: Set EQ at mixing board flat and adjust SansAmp GT2 to taste. If additional or more
    complex EQ curves are desired, use equalization at console or an outboard unit.
    Adjusts the output level without altering any of the tonal characteristics. For recording applications, we recommend setting at least halfway (12 o’clock). For best results with an amplifier, the output level of the SansAmp GT2 should be close or equal to the signal in bypass. Otherwise, it could overload the input of the amp and result in undesirable, ratty distortion. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)