Tech 21 CS-CA California, New Character Series Guitar Pedal California (Mesa Boogie)

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Tech 21 California

We welcome you to enjoy the diverse state of California. Come for the chiming, woody cleans, the gnarly overdrive of a Mark II, and the supernatural silky sustain of the lead tones. Stay for the devastating chunk of a high gain rectifier. With the focused punch of an EV-style speaker emulation, you have everything you need to create your own California dream tone. Have a great stay.

Each pedal in the Character Series is loaded with the tonal DNA for a specific style of guitar amplifier. By simply twisting a few knobs, you can build those sought-after tones or hot rod your own. From rare vintage classics to roaring modern icons, every variation is delivered in the distinctive voicing of that amp style. The intuitive amp-like controls let you get your hands dirty from the get-go to explore decades of blistering tones.

Being a genuine SansAmp, each Character Series pedal is way more than a stompbox. Each can be used as a stand-alone pre-amp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, with the rich SansAmp cabinet emulation that sounds huge ” even straight into a computer soundcard. Or plug them into your guitar amp to take your tone somewhere special.

California rock tones in a versatile, easily-controlled pedal.


  • Knobs: Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low, High
  • Cabinet emulation
  • Uses:
  • Stand-alone pre-amp can drive a power amp, studio mixer, or PA system
  • Plug into guitar amp