TC Helicon Perform-V

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TC Helicon Perform-V

The flexible and comprehensive TC-Helicon Perform-V vocal multi-effects processor offers a budget-friendly way to bring studio magic to your live vocal sound. Singers here at Sweetwater are particularly excited about the intelligent tone functions, such as adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing, as well as automatic mic input gain, which allow the Perform-V to act as a virtual personal tech, continuously tweaking your sound to perfection. You’ll also find classic vocal effects onboard, including reverb, echo, doubling, and even pitch correction. What’s more, you can use your iOS or Android mobile device to beam additional effects into your library. Top it off with heroic feedback elimination and a handy visual pitch meter, and you’ll never want to gig out without a TC-Helicon Perform-V in front of your mic again.

TC-Helicon Perform-V Vocal Multi-effects Processor Features:

    • A comprehensive vocal processor and multi-effects for live performance
    • Intelligent tone functions and automatic gain continuously adjust for ideal sound
    • Classic vocal effects include 4 reverb, 4 echo, and 4 doubling styles
    • Use live pitch correction to smooth out your vocals
    • Add additional vocal effects via iOS or Android mobile devices
    • Anti-feedback processing eliminates show-stopping squeals
    • Visual pitch meter helps you train your voice and stay in tune