TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Noir

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TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Noir

Pitch Black

The first PolyTune Noir raised the bar for how über-cool a tuner could be with its compact design and sleek black look. With the new PolyTune 2 Noir, we’re here to rock pedalboards around the world once again! Featuring a brand new super bright display, an insanely accurate strobe tuner alongside our groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode and you get the most innovative tuning technology all packed in a tiny enclosure with the coolest color of all – Black. Tuning has simply never been more rock ‘n’ roll!

  • Super small footprint
  • Polyphonic, chromatic and ultra-precise strobe tuning modes
  • Retina-scorching bright display
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