Soundcraft MADI Multi-Digital 32+32 USB FIREWIRE 8+8 AD AT

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Soundcraft Si Option Cards Flexible and rich in expansion

Would you like to operate a digital multicore with a stage box as well as record the signals individually at a live event?

  • Soundcraft’s MADI/USB combo card can do both!
  • Connect any Soundcraft Stagebox using a Cat cable and connect to your DAW via USB.


The MADI/USB combo card only occupies one slot in the Si Expression/Performer or Compact mixer. Of the card’s total of 64 inputs and outputs, 32 are distributed to the MADI port and 32 to the USB port at the factory. However, this assignment can be changed individually by the user. All of the card’s inputs and outputs are available in the console’s channel inputs, direct outs and output buses.



  • Connections for stage box and DAW multi-track recording on one card
  • 64×64 freely configurable inputs and outputs via MADI (Cat5/7) and USB
  • Low latency thanks to ASIO (Windows – download at www.soundcraft.com ) and CoreAudio driver (Mac OSX)
  • For all mixing consoles from the Si Expression, Si Performer and Si Compact series