Slug Batter Badge BB-DBL Double Kick Pad

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Slug Batter Badge BB-DBL Double Kick Pad For Bass Drums

The only impact pad with vented flexing halves for better beater-to-drumhead action.
This double beater model Armourphragm™ impact pad improves strike articulation, and increases sound projection without muffling. The patented design featuring a separated center and venting lets the drumhead flex naturally, much more so than solid, stiffer conventional patches. Pedal beaters will have more punch and attack using the Batter Badge, and the bass drumhead will last much longer as well. This model is made of .15″ clear polycarbonate film with permanent adhesive backing.

Actual Size: 4.5″ x 7.5″ width / .015″ clear polycarbonate film
Graphic Color: Silver