Sabian 22 inch AAX Omni Crash Ride Cymbal

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Sabian 22 inch AAX Omni Crash Ride Cymbal

The vision for the SABIAN 22″ AAX OMNI was to create a cymbal with outstanding sonic contrast, both when played on its own or with other cymbals. Not a crash, not a ride, OMNI was designed with the astonishing Jojo Mayer as a new kind of cymbal that can go anywhere, and play anywhere. A M-weight center in brilliant finish, and an XT, natural finish edge make for a cymbal that’s striking in appearance. But it’s the highly musical tone structure and careful balance of frequency that enable this cymbal to sit so well in any musical setting.

Berat 6 kg
Dimensi 57 × 57 × 7 cm