Sabian 16 inch HHX Concept Crash Cymbal

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Sabian 16 inch HHX Concept Crash Cymbal

The unique engineering of the HHX Concept Crash from Sabian allows for an equally unique sonic response. It starts with a more modern cymbal design, but a distinctive HHX hammer peen strikes an fiery yet elegant balance between fierce attack and thin response. Additionally, because of the HHX Concept’s exclusive hammering pattern, drummers around here have found that the sustain of this cymbal is held in check. The result is a vivid, articulate crash that decays relatively quickly and consequentially blends into the vibe of many genres. Finished in a brilliant shimmer with black HHX embleming, this Concept Crash is just aching for a spot on your kit!

Sabian HHX 16 inch Concept Crash Features:
-Hand hammered and easily blendable kit crash
-Profile boasts a modern cymbal design with unique HHX hammer peen
-Hammer pattern promotes articulate attack with quicker decay
-Brilliant finish and black embleming looks fantastic in any cymbal set