Roli Seaboard Rise 25

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rise-and-imac_650Designed for ultimate expression

A revolutionary, touch-sensitive interface and a powerful, custom-built synthesizer, seamlessly integrated to open possibilities for expression that are unprecedented on a MIDI controller.

Touch sound with intuitive ease

Delightfully tactile and responsive, the Seaboard RISE’s sensor-embedded keywave surface lets you shape sound through touch. Press continuously into the silicone surface, move your fingers from side to side, slide them up the keywaves or along the ribbons. Each movement modulates sound with intuitive ease. Put at your fingertips the expressiveness of an acoustic instrument and the sonic range of an electronic instrument – all on a keyboard interface.
  • The Control Panel

    Touch Faders and an XY Pad add another layer of expressive control.

  • The Keywave Surface

    The keywaves and two ribbons let you shape sound polyphonically.


The thinnest multidimensional controller.

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Play it wirelessly

The Seaboard RISE is battery-powered and the first multidimensional controller to use MIDI over Bluetooth. Free yourself from wires, and make music anywhere within range of your connected device.

Battery Powered

Battery life of up to 8 hours.

MIDI over Bluetooth

Receives MIDI signals over Bluetooth when paired to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Professional-standard low latency

Virtually no loss in latency on Bluetooth versus USB connection.


Play it connected

The ports of the Seaboard RISE let you plug in your computer, tablet, or smartphone and connect to virtually any software instrument or hardware synthesizer. Take your workflow to a new level when you integrate your Seaboard RISE with your favourite DAWs or instruments.
USB ports

Control Equator and other MIDI-compliant software or hardware synthesizers.
Pedal jack

Connect any sustain pedal jack using a quarter-inch jack.

Crafted with ingenuity and precision
The Seaboard RISE was designed by a multidisciplinary team of materials scientists, software engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers, and sound designers at ROLI’s workshop in East London. The instrument reaches the highest standards of craftsmanship, design, and precision engineering.


  • Anodized aluminum

    The exterior is made of high-quality extruded black anodized aluminum, which is strong but light.

  • Silicone keywave surface

    The smooth material of the keywave surface is custom-engineered to give your fingers a firm grip while also letting them slide easily.

  • Sensor technology

    A highly sensitive sensor board rests beneath the silicone keywave surface, ensuring that even the most minute gestures are expressed as sound.

  • Form follows function

    The wave-like pattern on the underside of the chassis conceals interior aluminum ribbing, which reinforces the chassis for added strength.