Roland VAD307 V-Drums Acoustic Design

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V-Drums Acoustic Design Performance in a Club-Sized Kit

The VAD307 is purposefully compact while maintaining the distinctive V-Drums Acoustic Design aesthetic. The footprint is the same as a mid-level V-Drums set, making it ideal for home use and tight stages. Cutdown shallow shells save space and weight—but from the playing position, they feel instantly familiar to any drummer. Double-braced stands with tom mounts and cymbal boom arms complete the layout and enhance the acoustic theme.

The updated TD-17 module provides all the acoustic tone and playability you could ask for, enhanced with more preset kits, expanded effects, and Roland Cloud support. The VAD307 also features newly developed thin crash and ride cymbals with natural feel and swinging motion, plus flagship-grade stands for rock-solid performance.


  • Powerful Sound and Realistic Expression
  • TD-17 Sound Module: Updated and Enhanced
  • Create (and Craft) Your Signature Drum Kit
  • Larger Pads and a Wider Playing Spread
  • The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums
  • Shallow Shells, Deeper Performance
  • Slimmer, Low-Profile Cymbals
  • Double-Braced Chrome Drum Stands
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Your Personal Onboard Drum Coach
  • Fast-Track Your Progress with Melodics for V-Drums


  • KD-180L-BK 18″ Kick Pad
  • Roland VH-10 V-Drum Hi-Hat
  • 2 x Roland CY-12C-T Thin Crash V-Cymbal
  • Roland CY-14R-T Thin Ride V-Cymbal
  • 2 x PDA100L-BK 10″” Rack Tom Pad
  • PDA120L-BK 12″” Rack Tom Pad
  • PDA120LS-BK 12″” Snare Pad
  • Trigger Input 1 Connector: DB-25
  • Trigger Input 2 Connector: 1/4″” TRS
  • 3 x DCS-30 Hardware Stand
  • 6 x Cable Tie
  • PDA120LS-BK Snare Pad
  • 2 x PDA100L-BK Tom Pad
  • PDA120L-BK Tom Pad
  • 2 x CY-12C-T Crash Pad
  • CY-14R-T Ride Pad
  • 3 x DCS-30 Drum Combination Stand
  • APC-30 All-Purpose Clamp
  • Sound Module Mount
  • AC Adapter
  • DB-25 Cable
  • 1/4″” TRS Cable
  • Drum Key
  • DTS330 Stand

Not Included:
Kick pedal, snare stand and hi-hat stand are not included


Accessories In The Box
Setup guide
Owner’s manuals

Options (sold separately)
Personal drum monitor: PM series
Noise eater: NE series