Roland VAD103 V-Drums Acoustic Design Full Set

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Harga aslinya adalah: Rp 44.100.000.Harga saat ini adalah: Rp 35.280.000.

Harga aslinya adalah: Rp 44.100.000.Harga saat ini adalah: Rp 35.280.000.

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Streamlined and Affordable Drum Kit with Shallow-Depth Acoustic-Style Shells

As the entry point to the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, the VAD103 is the affordable all-digital kit that captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set, complete with shallow-depth wood drum shells. Keep the noise down with Roland’s acclaimed double-ply mesh heads and a smart air-damping system in the kick drum, and then let loose when it’s showtime. Stay focused with a streamlined tom layout or express yourself with a full array of cymbals. Mount the VAD103’s large drum and cymbal pads to regular stands to accompany the 18-inch kick drum for a classic acoustic kit vibe, and set it up anywhere in your home thanks to the compact footprint. Go beyond acoustic drums with the TD-07 module offering authentic kits for every musical style, deep editing for creating your signature sound, a built-in Coach mode for developing your technique, plus Bluetooth® connectivity for drumming along to your favorite bands—streamed from your phone, tablet, or computer.


  • The Latest Generation of V-Drums
  • Bigger Pads, Better Feel, Smaller Footprint
  • Drum Tones for Every Genre, Song, and Band
  • The Quietest Electronic Drums Around
  • Unbeatable Feel from Roland’s Revolutionary Mesh Heads
  • Stream Audio and Jam with Your Favorite Bands
  • Onboard Coach Mode for Sharpening Your Skills
  • Record Your Drumming in Seconds


Kit configuration

Drum sound module: TD-07 x 1
Snare: PDA120LS-BK x 1
Tom: PDA100L-BK x 1 (*2)
Floor Tom: PDA120L-BK x 1 (*2)
Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1
Crash: CY-12C x 1
Ride: CY-13R x 1
Kick: KD-180L-BK x 1
Drum combination stand: DCS-10 x 2
All purpose clamp: APC-10 x 1


Sound module holder
AC adaptor
Special connection cable
Drum key
Setup guide
Owner’s manuals


*This package does not include a kick pedal, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, or a drum throne.