Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

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Featuring innovative new technology from Roland, the KT-10 provides authentic feel and playability in a low-noise kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion instruments. The all-in-one design offers fast, fluid response and a unique reverse-action trigger mechanism that makes the pedal not only compact in size, but also far quieter in operation than a kick pad played with a standard pedal and beater. With its small footprint, the KT-10 is ideal for use alongside an acoustic kick pedal in a hybrid drum set, and it also works great for expanding the capabilities of an SPD-series percussion pad or the HandSonic HPD-20. Of course, the KT-10’s pro feel, noise-reducing features, and portable convenience make it perfect for use with any V-Drums kit as well.


-All-in-one kick trigger pedal with low-noise operation
-Innovative reverse-action trigger mechanism provides authentic playing feel in a compact design
-Extremely quiet performance, great for not disturbing others when playing V-Drums at home
-Produces approximately 75 percent less noise in the playing room than a Roland KD-9 -Kick Pad triggered with a standard beater (based on Roland test data)
-Small footprint and low-profile body, ideal for use in a hybrid acoustic/electronic drum or percussion kit
-Works with all Roland percussion products equipped with 1/4-inch trigger inputs, including the TM-2 Trigger Module, V-Drums sound modules, SPD-series percussion pads, and the HandSonic HPD-20
-Solid construction, smooth performance, and attractive appearance
-Adjustable spring and moveable weights allow for customization of playing response
-Mix In jack for easy expansion with a second KT-10

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