Rocktron Velocity S-112

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Rp 1.822.000


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Rocktron sound the way it was meant to be heard.

The Rocktron S-112 Speaker Cab has a ported design for focused low-end response and unique trapezoidal design avoids midrange notching. This means you will not lose your tone in the mix. In fact, your tone will jump out at you with unmatched clarity! The Rocktron S-112 offers the most balanced frequency response of any 1 x 12 cabinet. The cabinet houses Rocktron’s specially designed 12″ speaker, developed after numerous comparison tests with many of today’s best speakers.

The Rocktron Velocity S-112 speaker with all of the warmth and cut needed by today’s players. A recessed handle and light weight (27 lbs.) allows ease of portability. The Rocktron speaker can be placed on its side like an angled (or monitor) cabinet, or stacked in an array fashion for an even spread across the stage eliminating “holes”.


Power rating: 75 watts @ 8 ohms
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