Planet Waves GMM Grip Master, medium tension

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Deskripsi Planet Waves GMM Grip Master medium tension

D’Addario Gripmaster In Red – Medium Tension
All Musicians Have One Common Instrument Among Them…Their Hands. The Gripmaster Has Been Designed To Maintain The Health And Performance Of The Fingers And Hands. Musicians Spend Many Hours Practicing For Proficiency. All Have A Common Goal To Develop And Maintain Strength, Control, Endurance, Coordination, And Dexterity To Ensure Their Competitive Edge. Gripmaster Is Here To Help Them Reach And Accomplish Their Goal.

• Gripmaster Is Uniquely Effective Because Each Finger Is Isolated And Flexed On An Individual Spring-Loaded Button.
• Gripmaster Delivers Total Conditioning For Each Individual Finger, The Entire Hand, Wrist, And Forearm.
• Beginners Will Leap Months Ahead In Fingering Strength And Ability.
• Professionals Can Easily Warm Up Before Performances.
• Pocket Size And Durable. Work Out Anytime, Anywhere – Even When Your Instrument Is Not Available.