OGRE Kronomaster Delay

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OGRE Kronomaster Delay

Kronomaster Delay is based on the PT2399 chip which is a standard delay chip for pedals nowadays. The controls consist of Time, Repeat, Mix. It is simple and easy for delay sound effects you want. Kronomaster Delay sounds warm and bright through a wide frequency range, and you can also get the sounds like an old fashioned tape echo.

Our patent-pending sliding open/close cockpit system is also adopted at Kronomaster Delay, so as the users can protect their tone-setup at any external interference.

We upgraded it by developing the unique design and designed to have distinct property, durability and strength. It is also working stably by upgrading knobs with the top-quality parts. And we use high grade metal film capacitors and resistors selected for the clean and warm sound.

You can get analog warmth and even tape echo tones with 3 controls Time, Reapeat, Mix, and it is almost from 50mSec to 550mSec of delay time available.



1) A warm and transparent sounding digital/analog delay with analog direct signal path

2) The sliding open/close cockpit system that the users can protect their tone-setup at any external interference

3) Enclosure – Using a highly durable enclosure with original design manufactured by die casting method

4) Cockpit head cover – Adopting a sliding-type cockpit head cover system in order to protect the setting status from outside access

5) LED display – Two blue LED windows with high visibility are used as effect-on displays

6) Knob – Adopting a knob with original design convenient for tone and volume control

7) True bypass – As all effect pedals from OGRE are true bypass, there is no loss of guitar tone while effector is off

8) Switch – Using a pedal-type switching method instead of metal knob of a mechanical switch

9) PCB – Constructing the switch, input / output jack, and all the circuits on one board in order to minimize the interference sound by the wiring connection

10) Hand-made – The hand-made effect pedal produced after thorough quality control

Controls : Time / Repeat / Mix
Connectors : Input / Outout / DC Input
Effect on : Press the pedal switch to turn the effector on (the LED indicator lights up).
Input Impedance : 500KΩ
Output Impedance : 10KΩ
Power Consumption : 25mA (Power on)
Delay Time : approximatley 40mSec ~ 550mSec
Power Supply : DC 9V 006P / 9V(constant voltage) AC adapter (center minus plug)
Dimensions : 94.5mm(W) x 142mm(D) x 67mm(H)
Weight : 475g (without battery)


① Time : Controls the delay time. The delay time is about 40msec at minimum and about 550msec at maximum.

② Mix : Controls the quantity of the delayed signal. When the control knob is at minimum position, the effector works as a buffer with a little gain. Turning to counterclock, the delayed signal  is mixed more with the original sound.

③ Repeat : Controls the repeat times of the delayed signals. The feedback will occur when it’s at the full position.

④ LED Display : When effect works, LED will be turned on. During bypass, LED will be turned off.

⑤ Pedal Switch : The pedal-type switch for operating effect on/off.


⑥ Input Jack : The input terminal connecting the plug from the cable which is connected to a guitar

※ Take the plug out while not using the plug, or the battery will be drained up as the input jack also works as a power switch.

⑦ Output Jack : The output terminal which is connected to an amp or other effect pedal.

⑧ Adapter Jack : A plug which is connected to theAC adapter

  ※ The AC adapter should be  9V adapter for pedal use only or the 9V adapter with  constant voltage output method.  Make sure the plug is center minus (-).

⑨ Battery Cover : You can change the battery by opening the cover

Ogre Kronomaster Delay Guitar Pedal Demo by Chris Zerbe

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