Neunaber Echelon Stereo Echo

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Neunaber Echelon Stereo Echo

The Echelon Stereo Echo blends warm analog sound with the precision of a tap tempo digital delay. Simple, versatile controls allow you to quickly dial in the perfect sound.

Bypass and Tap Tempo combine seamlessly on one footswitch, maintaining a compact form-factor. Time in fractions of 1 second or tempo subdivisions are set easily and intuitively using the Time knob. Cross-fading Time Change allows tempo changes in real-time without audio artifacts (no muting, zipper noise or pitch change), and Scatter Repeats makes successive repeats more diffuse and complex.

The Echelon Echo contains subtle modulation and is gently band-limited for an analog feel without sounding low-fidelity. High-frequency roll off increases with echo time, just as in nature-due to absorption of high-frequencies in air.

Echelon may be connected mono or stereo. Using only Output 1, it is a single mono echo. Using both outputs, the default echo becomes a golden-ratio ping-pong-chosen for its elegant accumulation of echo repeats. Whether you use a mono or stereo input, the input signal is preserved when routed to the outputs. It can even be used as a mono echo on stereo inputs (see Expanse software for details).

Other stereo echo effects are programmable with our free Expanse software.