Mooer Stomplate PB-10

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Mooer Stomplate PB-10

1.? Compact? size? and? simple? styling,? reflecting? the? consistent? design? concept? of? Mooer products.
2.? Patented? 180? ?? folding? design,? using? a? customized? Aluminum? alloy? rotatable? structure, which? can? be? placed? in? multiple? angles? on? stage,? making? it? more? convenient? to? access? all pedals.
3.? The Foldable structure makes the Pedal Board more compact, easier to use and ensures accurate operation on? the stage;? the? built-in? fixing method? and? the? perfect combination of aluminum alloy make the whole board stronger and lighter with a solid structure.
4.? The bag features smooth area on the side for logos or labels, as well as an ergonomic handle and strap design which allows the it to be carried in a variety of ways.

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