Mooer Micro Power

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Mooer Micro Power

  • Provide stable 9V DC power supply with high performance, each out put maximum current of? 300 mA, can meet most of the pedal use requirement .
  • Eight independent out put short circuit protection design, when one circuit output failure, other out put lines still can work independently.
  • 8 LED lights indicating output status in darkness, its unique dull – polished feature can also protect your eyes from spotlights on stage.
  • Very small and exquisite, full metal shell .


  • The 12V power adapter? 12V 2A
  • 460mm lines *4 (connect the pedal )
  • 610mm lines *4 (connect the pedal )
  • 200mm Polar conversion line (The out put power from the negative is
  • changed to outside to inside is outside negative)
  • Velcro tape
  • Owner’s Manual
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