Mission Engineering MCTRSVMPRO

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Mission Engineering Tuner Adapter for VM-PRO

The Mission VM-PRO Tuner Adapter works with the VM-PRO volume pedals to provide an isolated output to eliminate tuner tone suck.

The VM-PRO tuner adapter splits the single output jack from the VM-PRO volume pedals into separate instrument and tuner outputs. The VM-PRO has an isolated tuner out that allows the tuner to be connected without impacting the signal quality going to the amp.  Simply connect the 1/4″ adapter plug marked OUT 1 to the corresponding output jack on the VM-PRO. Then connect the plugs marked TUNER and AMP to your tuner and amp or effects chain. The tuner will be active independent of pedal position so you can tune silently or at any volume level.

The adapter is compatible with the Mission VM-PRO and VM-PRO-PZ volume pedals. The connecting cables are 1ft in length with right angle jacks at each point suitable for pedal board installation.