Mesa Boogie Tubes 6L6 STR 425

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Mesa Boogie Tubes 6L6 STR 425

Duet (matched pair)

The MESA® 5881 STR 425 is a military grade 6L6 designed with an emphasis on rugged durability and the capability to handle higher voltage requirements. It produces a full bass and rich midrange with tapered highs that lends itself well to styles of jazz, fusion and traditional roots and blues music… or any style where tapered high frequencies and greater longevity and reliability is desired. The STR 425 is also commonly used in older MESA all-Tube Bass Amps using 6L6s like the MESA D-180, Bass 400 and Bass 400 models.

MESA power tubes are among the highest quality available and selected for their exceptional full-range tonal quality, consistency and reliability. All MESA tubes offer unsurpassed consistency and reliability for ANY tube amplifier, and certainly MESA amplifiers!

Remember… our dedication is to create the world’s finest tube amplifiers. And to achieve that goal requires a deeper commitment to tube quality… because the reputation of our amplifiers depends on it.