Mesa Boogie Lone Star Cabinet – 2×12 0.2.CBBB.CL

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Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Cabinet – 2×12″ 180-Watt

Great Extension Cab for Your Mesa/Boogie!

Here’s an extension cabinet for your amp! The 2 x 12″ Lone Star cab features a classic look to match your classic Mesa/Boogie tone. It’s black with silver piping, boasting 180-watt performance and a 2 x 12″ design. When you need a great 2 x 12″ extension cab, don’t look anywhere else. The Mesa/Boogie 2 x 12″ Lone Star cabinet is it!

Mesa/Boogie’s Warranty: The Best in the Business!

Your new Mesa/Boogie amp is protected by Mesa/Boogie’s transferable warranty: five years on
the electronics, three years for speakers, and six months for tubes.

Mesa/Boogie Lone Star 2 x 12″ Cabinet Features at a Glance:

  • 180-watt
  • 2 x C90 speakers
  • Marine-grade baltic birch cabinet
  • Black Taurus covering
  • Black twisted jute grille
  • Silver piping
  • Slipcover included
  • Mesa/Boogie products are ONLY available for U.S. shipping. Must be a U.S. resident.