Matthews Effects Whaler

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Matthews Effects Whaler

If you’re looking for a pedal that can handle anything from classic fuzz tones to a modern high gain fuzz your search is over.
The Whaler is an original Matthew Effects circuit and is great for guitar or bass. It can take you from worlds of velcro to warm dark chasm’s of fuzz’s of old. Its dynamic tone controls will allow you to create unique and original sounds that help set you apart in the mix.


  • Output: Controls the overall volume
  • Sustain: the length your note will hold out
  • Squish: Make your fuzz more or less velcro’ish
  • Tone: Sweep between pushing your highs or lows
  • Body: scoop your mids



    • 9v
    • Top Hole Jacks
    • Soft Touch True Bypass
    • 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″ (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)