Matthews Effects Conductor

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Matthews Effects Conductor

5 Wave Forms 5 Tap Divisions Built in Boost Circuit Compact Design Top hole jacks External Tap Control The Conductor will make sure your tremolo sound is always on time. With on board tap, external tap, 5 tap divisions, 5 wave forms, Gain, Tone and Depth your not going to find a tremolo with more going on in such a small package. Its sleek size and design is perfect for those who want a lot of tremolo options but not loose a lot of board space If your wanting a tap controlled tremolo with tons of features and options the Conductor is everything your looking for.   Premier Guitar Review   Depth: Controls how deep the effect is Tone: Acts as a low pass filter allowing dark and haunting tones Ouput: Is your overall volume Div: Lets you choose from 5 different tap divisions. 1/4, 1/2, x1, x2, x4 (Turning Left-Right) Wave: Lets you choose from 5 different wave forms. Sine Wave, Ramp up, Ramp Down, Triangle, Square (Turning Left to Right) true bypass Top Hole Jacks 9v power supply no battery option

Designed, Built by Rick Matthews