Make Noise Wogglebug Random Voltage Generator Eurorack Module

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Make Noise Wogglebug Random Voltage Generator Eurorack Module

The WoggleBug music synthesizer module is a random voltage generator, originally designed by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizers. It is a continuation of the “smooth” and “stepped” fluctuating random voltage sources pioneered by Don Buchla within the Model 265 “Source of Uncertainty,” expanding it to include the other-worldly Woggle CVs (stepped voltages with decaying sinusoids edges). The Wogglebug is a very musical random voltage generator where it is possible to synchronize all random signal to a Master Clock. Guaranteed to unleash your synthesizer’s ID MONSTER!


  • Width: 10hp
  • Max Depth: 24mm
  • Power:
    50mA@ 12V
    40mA @ -12V


  • Complete Complex Random Voltage system, no external modules necessary
  • Two VCOs, Phase Lock Loop, Lag Processor, Clock, Burst Generator and Sample & Hold
  • Generates 7 Random Signals simultaneously: Smooth VCO, Woggle VCO, Ring Mod, Stepped, Smooth, Woggle, Burst
  • Generates ultra stable, voltage controlled Master Clock
    External inputs for S&H (Heart IN) and Ring-Mod (Influence)
  • Disturb button adds performance element
  • Wonderful for modulating the Morphagene and DPO
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