K&M Omega Table-Style Keyboard Stand, Red

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K&M Omega Table-Style Keyboard Stand, Red

Its compact steel tubing construction and large round floor protectors make this attractive keyboard stand significantly more stable. Two-sided spring-loaded locking screws make precision height adjustment easy. The support arms can be adjusted to suit the size of the keyboard. When folded, the table is impressively flat. The design of this table matches the keyboard benches 14080, 14081, 14085 and 14086.An optional extra are the stackers 18811 for a second level and 18822 for a third level, allowing the use of a second or third keyboard/laptop. Use the adapter 18814 to mount the universal holder 18817 easily and quickly.

Product data
Base dimensions: 1,050 x 575 mm
EAN: 4016842828661
Height: from 600 to 1,020 mm
Height adjustment: spring-loaded clamping knob
Material: steel
Max. load capacity: 80 kg
Product Category: Topline
Shape: keyboard table
Special features: with engraved height scale; includes 4 Velcro tapes to guide the cable
Support depth: 345 mm
Support width: from 180 to 790 mm
Type: ruby red
Weight: 9.5 kg