K&M E-guitar stand Heli 2014 (17581-014-95)

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K&M E-guitar stand Heli 2014 (17581-014-95)

Worldwide proven guitar stand. The instrument is particularly well cared for thanks to the elaborate new rubber structure. With the innovative adjustable cross bar, guitars of different sizes or even other instruments such as a cello or French horn can be placed on the stand. For storage and transport the stand folds flat. In addition, we provide a practical transport lock. An additional feature includes integrated guitar pick holders. Heli 2 is available in black, red, blue and cork.

  • foldable by bracket with hinge
  • 4016842826926
  • 330 mm
  • non-marring plastic material
    Instrument support:
  • steel
  • 365 x 295 x 30 mm
    Size when folded:
  • also for headless guitars, cellos and french horns;
    easy to transport and store;
    integrated guitar pick holders, 2 picks included
    Special features:
  • acoustic guitars
    Suitable for:
  • cork
  • 0.95 kg
  • from 185 to 230 mm