KHDK No. 2 Clean Boost

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KHDK No. 2 Clean Boost

The warm, tube-like boost was designed to enhance your sound without compression and with beautifully natural gain.

Powered by KHDK’s original circuit, No. 2 is KHDK’s Clean Boost pedal with a dynamic responsiveness similar to a tube amp, compression-free.

“Folks, this pedal has been a life changer for me.”
– Johnny Hiland

With four control knobs for Gain, Volume, Bass, and Treble along with a lo/hi gain mini toggle switch, No. 2 allows the organic and transparent EQ controls to fully develop your sound. It provides a warm, tube-like boost and functions as a precision tool for sculpting your tone.

Two small LEDs glow in brilliant purple when No.2 is engaged.

“With Gain cranked up past 1 o’clock and the “hi” gain setting engaged, No. 2 produces gloriously gritty crunch with lots of aggressive bite.”
– Chris Gill (Guitar World)

Bass functions as a cascaded secondary Gain control, helping shape the final sound. Treble is a low-pass filter, getting you from a super smooth sound to a pinching point.

No.2 utilizes KHDK’s original true bypass circuit using our special blend of solid state and mosfet technology.

Like all KHDK pedals, No.2 is proudly crafted and quality-tested in Kentucky, USA.

Controls & Specs

GAIN controls the unity gain of the circuit.
VOLUME controls the overall output volume of the No. 2.
The HI/LO switch is tied directly into the gain. The lo setting offers a warm, tube-like boost. The hi setting adds saturation, compression and a powerful mid boost.
BASS controls the bass and lower mid-frequency gain. The bass is tied into the gain, making it a secondary gain control enhancing lows. For boosting an overdriven tube amp, it is recommended to lower the Bass control setting for a tighter bass response. For single note soloing, turn the Bass control clockwise.
TREBLE control is a passive low-pass filter, cutting high end and offering a wide frequency range. The setting depends on your amplifier; we recommend cutting the treble on brighter amps to achieve a warm tone.
FOOTSWITCH engages your No. 2 to “on” or True bypass mode.


The KHDK No. 2 Clean Boost is powered by a single 9V battery. You can access the battery connection
by unscrewing the bottom plate of the pedal enclosure. Alternatively, plug in an external 9V DC (center
negative) power supply.

Bypass mode: True Bypass
Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 40 mm deep (Width x Depth x Height)
Input Connector: Type Standard ¼” jack – mono/TS
Output Connector: Type Standard ¼” jack – mono/TS
Power Input: Standard 9V Battery or 9V DC (center negative) power supply.