Jamhub TourBus

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Your Silent Rehearsal Studio Solution

With the JamHub TourBus, you can stop cutting jams short just to keep the peace in the neighborhood. This handy silent rehearsal studio acts as the “hub” of your jams for easy, silent practice — and it’s got 14 inputs and 21 audio channels, for up to seven musicians. More than that, the JamHub TourBus gives each musician control over a custom mix. Two remotes come in the box for on-the-fly control, and built in effects give you pro sound at practice. There’s even a built-in SD recorder, so JamHub TourBus preserves your brilliant moments. Touring? Instead of killing time at a 24-hour diner, hang out in your hotel with JamHub TourBus and keep the music going.



JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio Features:

  • Silent rehearsal studio lets you practice anytime, anywhere
  • Each player enjoys a personalized mix, just like on stage
  • It’s easy to make great-sounding rehearsal recordings
  • High-quality built-in effects

JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio Features:

  • 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians
  • 7 individual sections each with a unique mix
  • The R section is designed for recording or connecting an MP3 player (or both)
  • Every band member creates their own mix
  • Two SoleMix Remotes with 12′ cable included (TourBus can accommodate up to 4 remotes)
  • 1/R switch for switching from your mix in section 1, to the mix in section R for checking the recording mix quickly
  • Stage control for giving each player a virtual location in the studio
  • Built in 24-bit, stereo effects including reverbs, delays and modulation effects
  • Phantom power ( 48V)
  • USB jack for direct recording to a computer
  • TourBus product size: 14.7″ x 9.0″ x 2.19″