Istanbul Agop XCB17, Xist BRILLIANT Crash 17

19 x Dilihat

Rp 2.544.000

Stok : Tersedia

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17″ Xist Brilliant Crash Xist Brilliant Crashes have a papery attack, brighter sound and a medium decay.

If you’re searching for a raw, dark feeling crash to complete your jazz kit, then you might want to go somewhere else. The Istanbul Agop-developed XIST Series includes cymbals with an undeniably clean and transparent, open sound with a nice sparkling edge and excellent focus. This brilliant finished 16″ crash is no different and offers the added benefit of big projection.

Istanbul Agop – The XIST Series
By introducing the XIST Series, Istanbul Agop offer cymbals that deliver professional sound but come at an accessible price. Using traditional crafting techniques combined with modern methods, both sides of each cymbal have been shaped using a special ‘pin lathing’ – a sort of hybrid machine-based hammer technique that mimics a traditional hand-hammered finish. Shaping a cymbal in the traditional way would take around 4,500 hammer blows, while each XIST cymbal only needs 1,500. The twist is that the precise positioning of each hammer blow, as well as the power, is determined by a real human to ensure that each cymbal has its own unique sound and feel. Most of the cymbals included in the XIST range come in either a traditional finish which lends them a particular warmth, or a brilliant finish for enhanced transparency and a more sensitive response.